“Give me a fish, you’ve fed me for today; teach me to fish, you’ve fed me for the rest of my life” – Chinese proverb

Millennium goal no. 1 of the UN: halve poverty and less hungry people in 2015.

landbouwMwasi Makasi provides single mothers with supplies such as tools, seeds, and the guidance of an agronomist. Our goal is to supply families with food and an income to provide in their own livelihood by growing and selling crops.

For €50, Mwasi Makasi can supply two women with seeds to cultivate their land. At this moment, we are running two agricultural projects in which eight mothers participate. The women grow manioc and bitekuteku. This are the two main ingredients of the Congolese kitchen. Manioc (fufu) is a root vegetable, better known as cassava. Pureed manioc is the base of every meal. Bitekuteku resembles spinach and is eaten as a cooked vegetable.

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